Cheesecake Factory adds flavor with digital signage

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May 15, 2014


The deployment to each store comprised three LG Electronics USA commercial-grade 42-inch LN549E displays in each restaurant, with each display attached to a BrightSign HD220 digital signage media player, according to the case study.

“When we first solicited bids for the installation, I was surprised by the cost variation – one particular vendor specified a PC-based solution at $36,000 per restaurant, which would have been financially impossible to scale across the entire chain of restaurants,” said Todd Bermann, president of the project's integrator, Tab Technical Services, in the case study. “Then BrightSign came in at a fraction of the cost – offering an equally capable solution. And on top of all that … solid-state players are much more reliable than the PC-based solutions we were considering.”

The chain and the integrators faced some challenges in the project:

  • Managing digital signage and the point-of-sale network via the corporate network proved problematic;
  • Previous restaurant signage made it difficult to visually display more than just a small percentage of The Cheesecake Factory’s extensive menu; and
  • The Cheesecake Factory was also looking for a way to centralize and streamline employee training with the system.

So each restaurant installed a DSL connection dedicated to digital signage; a trio of displays in each restaurant located behind the bakery area loops images of more than 60 menu items; after hours, the screens display training videos scheduled and managed at a corporate level by HR executives; and content updates are made at corporate headquarters, while restaurant managers are able to make adjustments to suit their individual menus and locations.

“The restaurant industry is one of the fastest-growing market segments for digital signage, and our work with The Cheesecake Factory demonstrates the value of pairing menu content with stunning visuals,” BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings said in a press release about the project. “Great imagery inside the restaurant helps patrons explore the restaurant’s offerings and whets their appetites for a satisfying dining experience.”


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